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Knowing what foods and drinks to avoid is essential if you are at risk of Type 2 Diabetes, are pre-diabetic or diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetic.

This guide covers the top 12 most common foods and drinks that you might do well to reduce or cut out altogether if you want to control your blood sugars.

About fruit juices

"Fruit juice is natural, so that must be ok to drink, surely?"

About artificial sweeteners

"Artificial sweeteners are better than sugar, so they must be ok to eat?"

About dietary fat

"Fats are bad and must be avoided at all costs, is that right?"

About potatoes and crisps

"I love snacking on crisps, do they cause problems with blood sugar levels?"

About desserts, sweets and chocolate

"I know desserts, sweets and chocolates are bad for my blood sugars, but does that mean I can't ever eat them?"

About bread and grains

"Are all breads a problem for blood sugars, and what about other types of grain?"

...and much much more!

"I'd been drinking diet drinks for years, thinking I was making the smarter choice. This whitepaper was a revelation about artificial sweeteners! I've since moved to herbal teas and infused waters. My erratic hunger pangs have subsided, and my doctor even commented on my improved blood sugar stability."

Martin, 62

"I grew up in a household that loved fast food. It was quick, easy, and a treat. Discovering the harmful impact of processed and fast foods on my health through this guide has made me revisit my choices. I've started cooking more at home using fresh ingredients. My family loves it, and I've watched my blood sugar levels stabilise."

Tasha, 48

"The section on sweets and chocolates hit home for me. As a lifelong chocoholic, it was tough to accept that my favorite treat was contributing to my health decline. The whitepaper gave me the push I needed to seek healthier alternatives like dark chocolate and natural sweeteners. My cravings have become more manageable, and my mood has lifted."

Greg, 53

"I'd start my mornings with a shop-bought smoothie, thinking I was fueling my body right. Learning about the hidden sugars in fruit juices and smoothies made me re-evaluate. Now, I make my own blends at home with less fruit and more greens. My energy levels are consistently high throughout the day!"

Priya, 28

"Every barbecue included high fat and processed meats. I genuinely thought they were just tasty proteins. This guide opened my eyes to the dangers lurking in my favorite dishes. I've since explored leaner meat options and incorporated more plant-based proteins. My digestion has improved, and I've even shed a few stubborn pounds."

Leon, 44

"The insights on white bread and refined grains made me relook my pantry. I've transitioned to whole grains and have introduced foods like barley and millet. Not only do they keep me fuller for longer, but I've also seen a drop in my post-meal sugar spikes."

Beatrice, 59

"Desserts were my weakness, especially after a long day. But understanding their impact on my type 2 diabetes made me more cautious. Inspired by the whitepaper, I took up baking and started making healthier versions of my favorite treats. The best part? I still get to indulge without the guilt or health setback."

Carlos, 22

"I was startled by the section on full-fat dairy. I never associated my bloating and digestive discomfort with the dairy I consumed. Switching to low-fat and plant-based options was an easy choice after reading the whitepaper. My stomach feels lighter, and I've noticed a natural drop in my appetite."

Mina, 56

Get "The Top 12 Foods and Drinks To Avoid" Guide Today!

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